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Since 1980, Record Time has been a dealer in classic, collectible, out of print and otherwise desirable vinyl recordings – LP’s and singles:  ROCK, SOUL, JAZZ, BLUES, SOUNDTRACKS, PUNK, HEAVY METAL, ALTERNATIVE and more, spanning the decades.
We have had an Ebay store for 15 years and listed on Discogs for five years.
This online catalog represents only part of our stock. Want lists accepted.

Our cart is not like the carts you are used to when you order and pay online.
When you place an order here, it is really a request. We will check our inventory and promptly send you an invoice for what is available with the appropriate s&h charge + tax if you reside in N.Y. State.

Apologies to our many customers who frequently browsed our catalog from 1995 to 2014, when we suffered a fatal crash and an unending series of snafus.
During the year and a half interim, we sold many records that still appear in the catalog. As a result, there will be a percentage of entries that we no longer have in stock. We are working diligently to rectify this situation. Your patience and understanding are most appreciated.

E-MAIL:  dave@recordtimenow.com
WRITE:  Record Time   519 Grosvenor Rd    Rochester, NY  14610  (Home office only)


You can search for an artist, a group, a label (eg, Mercury, Bizarre, A&M) or any word that might find something of interest (eg, punk, Living Stereo, prog, promo, quad.) If you don’t know an exact title, enter as much as you do know and it will be found if we have it listed.

Graded LP/cover. One grade only means both LP and cover are the same grade.
[On a 10-scale where 10 is Mint (M): M- = 9, VG++ (exc) = 8, VG+ = 7, VG = 6, VG- = 5…]
Our VG+ is quite acceptable to all but the strictest collectors. Records graded VG or less are
still very listenable.
An (*) before the grade means the LP was play-graded. Usually when this is indicated, the music plays better than the surface appears (btil – better than it looks.) Occasionally, the opposite is the case (wtil – worse than it looks), and there will be light static at quiet passages and spaces between tracks.

A lot of hard rock is categorized metal. It’s difficult to draw the line where hard turns to metal. Besides, hard rock generally appeals to most metal fans.
Early Rock is basically pre-Beatles. If you’re searching for a group or artist that spans this date line, you might find them under Early Rock or not.
Modern Rock, Prog, Psych and some others don’t always mean the same thing to everyone. If you disagree, just ignore our choice or let us know what you think. Your input is always welcome.

To reduce clutter, we sometimes don’t give a reason for a less-than-M- cover grade, such as moderate ringwear, small writing, edge-cuts or drill-holes. If you need to know, just ask.
Here are some abbreviations you might encounter:
/- = plain cover
/ * = side B is the same as side A. So far, this has not caused confusion with our other use of the (*)
a cap = a cappella
b(w)til = better (worse) than it looks
cc or ec or co or dh or poh = cut, drilled or punched (cover)
dbw = deluxe b&w cover
dcc = deluxe color cover
dnap = does not affect play
ext = extended
ic = plain cover with insert
instr = instrumental (version)
mo = mono
rw = ringwear
sc = stock cover (printed or stickered, usually with label name, but does not mention artist or title)
smh(33) = small hole (33 1/3 rpm) (7″ records)
st = stereo
tc = title cover (no picture, just title and, usually, artist)
ts = title sticker (on stock or plain cover)
v = version
wlp(romo) = white label promo
woc = writing on cover
wol = writing on label